Frequently Asked Questions


Using Printwich

Why use Printwich?
Simply because we are the happiest print store around and we spoil you silly with the many choices! Need we say more? See it for yourself! Click here to shop now.
Do I need an account to shop with Printwich?
Nope! You can check out as guest. However, we strongly recommend that you create an account before checking out so that you can log in to check the status of your order.

Making an Order

How do I upload my photos for printing?
Just follow the instructions on each page.

If you encounter any issues with uploading your photos, drop us a mail at and our fabulous team will help you out.
Can I cancel my order?
You may not cancel your order once you have completed checkout and submitted the order.


What sizes does the prints come in?
We offer various sizes in both squares and rectangles. There are also old school option that are polaroid look-alike. View our entire range of products on our product page and click on each product for the description.
How's the quality of the prints?
We print using high-end professional graphic printers and superior thick paper. The result is matte finish excellent quality prints.

Also, remember that the quality of the printed photos will be highly dependent on the quality of the photos you uploaded. If you took the photo at night in a low light environment, chances are your prints will turn out grainy. Photos also tend to appear brighter on screens than on prints. So take these factors into consideration when uploading your photos. We want you to receive the best prints possible!
How do I ensure the quality of my prints?
Your photos may look fine when viewed on your mobile or computer screens, or you have taken your photos with a DSLR in RAW Format or other digital cameras with high-resolution/megapixels, but sometimes your prints don’t turn out as sharp as you have expected.

There are various reasons why this may happen -

  1. You have uploaded photos directly shoot with a DSLR camera which maybe in a size or format many times larger than the actual print size, or with different DPI intensity. Depending on the product you have selected, we automatically resize your photo to the correct print size and resolution intensity.

    During this process, interpolation and resampling artefacts may be introduced resulting in what is typically known as noise, ringing, posterizing, etc., which may cause your photos to turn out grainy when printed.

    If you have shot with a DSLR, we recommend that you resize your photos before uploading them to 1.5 times of the print size in 300dpi. E.g. If you are printing Signature Squares that is 10cm X 10cm, you can resize your photos to 15cm X 15cm. Do not use JPG file size as a reference of print clarity.
  2. When converting from RAW format to JPG, different software or configuration may include colour profiles which do not follow ICC standards, or they may include ICC profile for the best view result on the device where the files were being converted. Photo quality and colour will be lost when we resample the photos into CMYK format for print.

    If you are unsure of the points mentioned, or if you do not convert the RAW format photos yourself, be sure to communicate to your photographer that you need these image files for CMYK card size printing. They would usually not include an ICC profile and adjust the colour or white balance for print.
  3. High ISO settings. Photos that were taken with high ISO settings introduce a lot of noise into the image which is usually amplified in prints because of the 1:1 size to distance ratio. When taking photos, make sure the camera ISO setting isn’t too high. By keeping your ISO setting as low as the lighting allows, you minimise the risk of grainy photos when printing. Alternatively, you may try resampling your image to the exact print size in 300 dpi, to remove whatever noise which may have been introduced during the image capture.
I have received my parcel, but something is not right. What can I do?
Any issues with your orders must be reported to us via email within 5 working days from the receipt of your parcel. Any reports thereafter will not be entertained.


Where do Printwich ship?
Good news! - Printwich ships internationally to everywhere in the world!
How long does orders take to be processed?
Orders are typically processed within 3 working days. During festive seasons or when there is a surge in order volumes, it may take up to 5 working days.
Can I expedite my order?
We are unable to offer expedited processing. Please check the processing time and shipping time before ordering.
Does Printwich offers self-collection option?
Self-collection option is not available. Please refer to the shipping options available.
Can I change my shipping address after I've submitted my order?
We will only be able to change your address if you're your order status is 'Order Confirmed'. Once we start processing your order, we are unable to change your shipping address. Please email us at if you would like to change your shipping address.
How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?
Domestic Shipping - Singapore
As our HQ is in Singapore, shipping time is shorter for Singapore customers.
Shipping Mode Cost Shipping Time*
Free Local ShippingFREE3 - 6 Working Days
Local Courier+ SGD4.502 - 4 Working Days
Note: Free Local Shipping in Singapore is handled by Singpost. For Free Local Shipping, your parcel will be delivered to your letterbox, unless this size of the parcel exceeds your letterbox size. (In such cases, we typically upgrade your delivery option to Local Courier.)

^Free local shipping in Singapore does not come with a tracking number. We are unable to take responsibility for any lost packages shipped via standard shipping. To ensure that your package reaches you safely, we advise that you select to opt for local courier.
International Shipping - Malaysia
Shipping Mode Cost Shipping Time*
International Registered Shipping+ SGD5.004 - 6 Working Days
International Shipping - Australia, Europe, United States and Rest of the World
Shipping Mode Cost Shipping Time*
International Registered Shipping+ SGD8.005 - 12 Working Days
*Please note that the shipping time serves only as a guideline. We don't have super powers (unfortunately) and are unable to control any delays that may take place.
+All packages shipped via registered article service (Singapore/ International) comes with a tracking number.


What currency are your prices in?
Our currency are listed in Singapore Dollar (SGD) by default. You may also view the prices in the following currencies that we accept:
- Australia (AUD)
- Bangkok (THB)
- Canada (CAD)
- Europe (€)
- Hong Kong (HKD)
- Japan (¥)
- New Zealand (NZD)
- Philippines (PHP)
- UK (₤)
- US (US$)
What is the mode of payment?
We accept payment via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. You just need to hold a major bank debit or credit card.
Payment via bank transfer is available for Singapore orders only. Simply follow the instructions on the checkout page to pay via bank transfer.
More Questions not found here?
If you have any further questions or suggestions, drop us an email at :

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