Important Updates on Printwich's Operations

As you may have known by now, Circuit Breaker has been extended by another four weeks until 1 June. 

On 6 April, we wrote a post on our Instagram, sharing about our thoughts about why we are suspending our business during this Circuit Breaker period. We also shared that while our online store will continue accepting orders, you will be receiving your prints only after 4 May after Circuit Breaker ends. Much to our surprise, we continue to receive orders daily! We want to thank you for your trust and continuous support, especially in such challenging times. 

After the announcement by PM Lee on Tuesday, we started receiving many enquiries if we will be resuming operations only after 1 June. Quite a few of you were also asking if you will be able to get your photos before 10 May, the second Sunday of May, Mother's Day. 

There is so much uncertainty ahead, but what is definite is that our lives in the months or even years ahead is going to be very different. We should, however, not be fearful, but be resilience, be strong, physically & mentally, be united. 

We believe in being socially responsible and that everyone has a part to play. We know that photo prints and collages may very well be the least of concern on many people minds, but happy memories printed on paper is different. It's something tangible, sometimes almost like we are reliving that treasured moment again. It is why we do what we do. 

With so much unknown ahead, we have deliberated in depth how we can best continue to delivery those valued moments to you, responsibly and safely. We have made some unprecedented decision, to show our solidarity, as we get through this together. 

First, let us share the exciting updates! We will be resuming our (limited) operations, with multiple safety measures put in place. No worries, we have seeked clearance from the authorities, and are allowed to continue operations. Your orders will take longer to reach you, but here's what we will be doing to protect our staff and everyone we care for.
  1. We will only process orders twice a week, and by only one staff member each time at our office on a rotational basis.
  2. In line with our belief that we should not put added stress courier services where priority should go to essentials deliveries, orders opted to be shipped via courier will be handled in-house by one staff throughout the entire period.
    It will be a contactless delivery where we will place your package at your doorstep. You will receive a SMS message when we do so.
  3. All our staff will be maintaining good personal hygiene throughout the entire process from prints to packaging, to shipping, to you. We will also continue to ensure their constant well-being daily.
  4. Cut-off date for Mother's Day order: For your orders to reach you by 10 May, 6pm - please place and make payment for your order by 6 May, 3pm and opt for local courier. (Applicable for shopping in Singapore only.)

To thank you for your trust and to show our solidarity, 
  1. All orders will enjoy a 40% discount when you use promo code SGUNITED at the payment page.
  2. If you choose to support us and decide not to use any promo code for your order, you will receive a one-off 55% rebate for your next order.
    You will receive this rebate through a cash value promo code when your order is shipped. You may use this for your next order, or pass it as a gift to brighten someone else day.
  3. We will also be giving this rebate to all orders that are not shipped yet - a little token for your continuous support.
These promotions (points 1 - 3) will be applicable throughout the entire circuit breaker period (for those in Singapore and our International customer). We are the happiest print store around, and we hope that your photos will continue to bring happiness and joy to you, your family and your friends. 

Meanwhile, continue to follow us on our Instagram & Facebook - we are looking to launch some exciting new products very shortly.

"Tough times never last, but tough people do."